• Kate Marks

THE COW OF QUEENS: Artistic Statement and Look Book

Updated: May 21

I am currently in the development stages of my feature, The Cow Of Queens. Check out my artistic statement and look book.


I come from a long line of tricksters. My grandpa was famous for epic pranks and my dad was a legendary wild man. Like a good trick, my films use comedy and spectacle to take the viewer somewhere unexpected. THE COW OF QUEENS is an action-adventure/buddy-comedy/coming-of-age mash-up where the villain is cancer and the hero is a cow with a dream. The film is a comedy inspired by the saddest chapter of my life, losing my dad.

My dad was my best friend. He called me “Kate the Great” and “Little Shit” in the same sentence. When he got sick, I couldn’t leave his side. He didn’t want to go and we fought with everything we had right up to the end. Cancer is a dance between hope and acceptance. Hope powers you through the circus of pills and painful treatments. However, there’s a tipping point where hope becomes a form of denial and only creates more suffering. Here, acceptance is the only balm. But surrender too soon, and you’ll always wonder if you should’ve fought harder.

After my dad’s death, I was haunted by the question, “How do we face the end?” Then I heard some neighbors talking about a cow that escaped the local slaughterhouse and spent the day evading the NYPD. Instantly I found my answer. Some people go to Hawaii when they get a terminal diagnosis—my characters were gonna save this cow.

For me, darkness and light are braided together. Tonally, my goal is to create a movie that can flip from hilarious to heartbreaking in a single scene. The story moves from the intimacy of inserting a catheter to the grandiosity of chasing a cow. The pace is simultaneously suspenseful and spiritual as I depict a dad and daughter grappling with the universal and preparing to face death via an epic cow chase through the loud, energetic, and diverse neighborhoods of Queens.

Queens is a big city that feels like a small town. It’s the kind of place where you know your neighbors and the person behind you in line will spot you if you forgot your wallet. The city is quirky, fun, and sparkling with culture. My goal is to make a film that feels authentic to our city.

After generating buzz on the festival circuit I plan to do a platform release in select cities with multiple community screenings in Queens to harness local support. Ultimately, I want to land on a streaming site where I can create an intimate and cathartic viewing experience for folks who need to ugly cry in the privacy of their own home.

Death is the universal foe. At a time when the world feels like it’s breaking apart, we are learning that illness and death may be the one thing that unites us. That’s why my goal is to make people laugh. Native traditions believe that clowns and tricksters connect us to the sacred because laughter opens us up and frees us from rigid beliefs. As an educator, I know that humor is the best teaching tool. And so, THE COW OF QUEENS is my offering to a heartbroken world. May we fight hard…and, when we lose, may we have a sense of humor and drag our bleeding bodies home to be with the people that love us.



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