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An Ivy-league bound, overachieving teen is derailed after a manic episode lands her in a school for kids with mental illness.

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Tribeca Film Festival 2017

Nashville Film Festival 2017

New Orleans Film Festival 2017

Independent Television and Film Festival 2017

New York Television Film Festival 2017

Series Fest 2017

Sidewalk Film Festival 2017

Queens World Film Festival 2018

Atlanta Film Festival 2018

Cleveland International Film Festival 2018




Best Drama/Dramedy at NYTVF

Shanice Williams: Best Actress in a Drama at NYTVF

Shanice WIlliams: Best Actress in a Drama at Series Fest


Produced by HBO

Director: Kate Marks

Screenwriter: Yolanda Carney

Executive Producer: Kimberley Browning

Co-Producer: Jeff Winkler
Production Designer: Adriana Serrano  

Costume Designer: Patty Malkin 

1st Assistant Director: Rachel Dickson

Cinematographer: Sandra Valde-Hansen

Camera Operators: Amanda Treyz And Christopher Frellich

Gaffer: Dessie Coale

Casting Director: Kim Williams

Editor: Varun Viswanath

Music: Sage Lewis

Sound Edit And Design: Joey Peters     

Starring Shanice Williams

Featuring Dot-Marie Jones, Russell Andrews, Nicki Micheaux, VyVy Nguyen, Charan Prabhakar

Kash Abdulmalik, Erica Gluck, Sydney Sweeney, Alexandra Weaver, Valentina Murra, Prathi Srinivasan, Emily Hinkler, and Elizabeth Hinkler

2017 / 17 Minutes


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