Bird House



Louisy and Syl live happily together in the safety of their tree house, until Syl decides to perform heroic deeds in a far away, war-torn land. Alone for the first time, Louisy falls victim to the whims of the birds and ants at her doorstep. Abroad, Syl finds that the line between good and bad is not as clear as she had expected. Bird House is a fantastical exploration of loyalty, loss, and what it means to do the right thing.


Produced by KNF Co. Productions

NYC, NY 2009


Written by Kate Marks

Original Direction by Heidi Handelsman















I-95 South

Born into a legacy of Elvis impersonators, Cell longs to continue her family tradition and play the King. However, her father has been grooming her to join his act as Priscilla, Elvis’ young wife. Desperate to escape her family and the role she will be forced to play, Cell runs away. Her adventures take her on a path that cuts through both a fantastical American landscape and the hidden corners of Cell’s own house. She travels into the very cabinets in the kitchen and between the cushions of the couch. I-95 South is the story of Cell’s journey towards owning and expanding the boundaries of her silver-studded and lip-curling identity.


Produced in the New Plays Festival at Brown University; February 2001

Workshop Production at The American Living Room Series, HERE Arts Center; August 2006


Written and Directed by Kate Marks








A Chicken Goes to Broadway


A Chicken Goes to Broadway is a dark, puppet comedy about a chicken who dreams of being a Broadway star and makes it…posthumously in the form of a fried chicken wing prop. The play follows our protagonist, Clown Chicken, from the Factory Farm to the Slaughter House to the Broadway Stage.


Produced by Potluck Plays in The Samuel French One-Act Festival 2008 


Written by Kate Marks

Original Direction by Heidi Handelsman

















Ark chronicles the lives of those who are left behind when an epic flood drowns their city. In this apocalyptic fable, eight misfits are linked together by their daily ritual of riding the bus. Ark tells the story of what it means to be living on the fringe at a time when everyone is searching for dry land.


Produced at The Looking Glass Theatre, Oct. 14-31, 2004


Written and Directed by Kate Marks


Adapted from Homer’s The Odyssey


Using lies and deceit, Odysseus has won the war waged in the sand. Now all he has to do is sail home, no problem… His men? Eaten like baby sausages by a Cyclops. His Manhood? At the mercy of a woman who could turn him into a pig. His ship? A bone to a six-headed salty dog. Ten years lost at sea… And you thought the 80's was a bad decade.


Production by The Baracken Theatre: Wust, Germany 2003


Re-imagined for The Looking Glass Theatre: New York City, NY 2007




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